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As he exited out the back of the house Cadmus heard answering gunfire from the other side of the village. He recognized the high flat


About two kilometers out from the village, about it Cadmus dismounted and led Ameera off the road. They picked their way down to the riverbed

The Last Republic – Interlude

Two Months Ago. The Chief Archaeologist, Samson, made his way crab legged down the slope towards them, startling a little landslide of sun-baked pebbles. His

The Last Republic – Chapter 2

The table was long and every inch of it was covered with food, more food, and more kinds of food than King Joseph had ever

The Last Republic – Chapter 1

King Joseph rode his horse along the banks of the river, flanked by his faithful General Beatrice and a dozen bodyguards. Sheltered from the blazing

Notch and Shadow – Part 3

Under the midday sun, they came to the gates of the town. Shadow was rolling a wheelbarrow they had appropriated from a nearby farmhouse, and

Notch and Shadow – Part 2

Notch opened her eyes. Something had roused her from slumber. She lifted her cheek from Shadow’s chest and sheepishly wiped a bit of drool off

The Eon Tree

This is one of the stories they tell about the Exile God. There was a world in the sky, circling a star. One of many.

Notch and Shadow – Part 1

If you look into the eyes of Notch you see, as though through a window, the blackness of deepest night. Look long enough and you


As the sun was cresting the hills in the east, Cadmus threw open the flap of his tent and stepped yawning into the chilly air.