Author: JDCT

“It’s a lot of work to be somebody’s god.”

Notch and Shadow

The Last Republic – Interlude

Two Months Ago. The Chief Archaeologist, Samson, made his way crab legged down the slope towards them, startling a little landslide of sun-baked pebbles. His

The Last Republic – Chapter 2

The table was long and every inch of it was covered with food, more food, and more kinds of food than King Joseph had ever

The Last Republic – Chapter 1

King Joseph rode his horse along the banks of the river, flanked by his faithful General Beatrice and a dozen bodyguards. Sheltered from the blazing

“I guess a lot can change in ten billion years.”

The Eon Tree

Notch and Shadow – Part 3

Under the midday sun, they came to the gates of the town. Shadow was rolling a wheelbarrow they had appropriated from a nearby farmhouse, and

Notch and Shadow – Part 2

Notch opened her eyes. Something had roused her from slumber. She lifted her cheek from Shadow’s chest and sheepishly wiped a bit of drool off

The Eon Tree

This is one of the stories they tell about the Exile God. There was a world in the sky, circling a star. One of many.

The Teriyaki Guy

Let me tell you about the Teriyaki Guy. He lords over a broad tableau, there in the Teriyaki place. He is king there, in a

Notch and Shadow – Part 1

If you look into the eyes of Notch you see, as though through a window, the blackness of deepest night. Look long enough and you