As he exited out the back of the house Cadmus heard answering gunfire from the other side of the village. He recognized the high flat

“I am a nightmare from the future. Look at my face.”

Past Perfect


About two kilometers out from the village, about it Cadmus dismounted and led Ameera off the road. They picked their way down to the riverbed

“I guess that settles whether computers were real.”

The Last Republic

The Pall Lap

The Swede sat smoking a cigarette in the cafe above the concourse at the Nurburgring. Before they even showed him the contract, they showed him

Past Perfect

I stepped out of the 1983 Pontiac and took off my sunglasses and looked at the house. It was odd how obvious it was that

“In English, you would say… the road has much turns.”

The Pall Lap

Fever Dreams

He lay alone in the house they had made together, burning. It had started as just a cough and nausea, but before long, he’d awakened

A Minor Incident

I turned on the hazards and the yellow strobe light and pulled onto the shoulder of the highway. Ahead of me, I could already see

Señor Nazareno

The American awoke in the soft and the cold, and the woman was gone. He shivered and placed a hand on the bed next to